The trailer will arrive at 1:15ish at Ignite Dance and the parade will begin at 2:30. Greer Relief will email me the line up on Friday, December 4, 2020 around lunch time. I will send an email and post on Facebook our lineup number.

The Parade route is 1.1 miles; beginning at Poinsett Street & Memorial Drive and ending at N. Main Street & Cunningham Drive. Please plan to have pick up ready at the ending location, we are not allowed to sit for a long period of time at the end of the parade. If your child is not picked up within 10-15 minutes after we pass through the end, you may pick your child up at the studio. Please do not grab your child off the trailer without our knowledge, we will have a log of who is in attendance and you will need to check with Staff before walking off.

All children 7 and under must be accompanied with an adult. We ask adults to wear our Christmas Shirt in order to participate. Please place your order no later than November 18, 2020.

This year masks are required in order to be a part of the parade per Greer Relief, we are making personalized masks. Place your order here

Please know this is not mandatory, however we would love for you all to join us, we hope to have a wonderful time!

Attire for Parade: Christmas shirts, jeans or leggings!

Additional Attire (Not required): Flannel Shirt over Christmas shirt if it’s cold, fun Christmas hats or headbands

Blankets are strongly suggested! We hope to have bales of hay to sit on!

Please make sure you RSVP here, seating is limited this year!